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Enhance Your Home With Decorative Plaques and Signs

Consider buying a decorative plaque to add an accent to a plain wall or make a room a little more personal. Available in all manner of materials, fixing styles, and designs, decorative plaques and house signs on eBay offer a wealth of ways to truly make your house a home.

What types of decorative plaques should you consider?

Depending on where you plan to put your decorative sign, there are a number of materials and styles that might be suitable. For indoor wall decor signs, weather-proofing is not important, but some areas - like a kitchen or bathroom - would benefit from a moisture-resistant design. Decorative signs and plaques are a great way to personalise your space, so consider the following:

  • Screw fitting: House name and door number signs usually come with pre-drilled holes for permanent placement. Use caps that fit neatly over the head to protect the screws from rusting or water ingress.
  • Loop hanging: If you're planning to use your decorative plaque as a feature in a room, consider designs with rope or chain hangings. Easily hung on a picture hook, this type of decorative sign can be moved around your home whenever you feel the need for an aesthetic change.
  • Glue attachment: You can buy individual letters on eBay and spell out a name or phrase. Perfect for kid's rooms, these come with a sticky tab on the back, making fixing them to walls and doors simple.

Can you get quotes on decorative signs?

Yes. As well as numeric signs for doors and walls, there are several options for text-printed decorative plaques or signs. Some have additional slots for pictures and photographs, while others can be purchased with your favourite catchphrase. If you want something that changes with your mood, consider a plain, slate sign - write on it in chalk, then change it when it suits you. Fancy something a little more out there? Try a quirky sign with neon lights with any quote of your choosing.

Materials of decorative plaques and signs

Decorative signs and plaques come in various materials, all with specific benefits. Aluminium and metal signs can offer an industrial vibe to a room, while slate or wooden signs complement a rustic theme. Acrylic, plastic, and PVC are moisture-resistant and easy to clean, while ceramic and glass give a more delicate impression.

Choosing the right decorative sign for a gift

Commemorate a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary, or tell someone how much you love them with a personalised message. When considering a decorative sign for someone else, make sure to pick a material that matches their decor and a fixing style that is simple to utilise. Personalised plaques and signs make an excellent gift, but the sentiment may be lost if the recipient can't hang them easily. 

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