Screens & Room Dividers

Screens & room dividers

Screens and room dividers are a decorative and practical way to partition a large room into multiple smaller spaces. They tend to be lightweight, making them easy to temporarily set up and rearrange as needed. There are many uses for these screens, they can be used as changing screens or to create private nooks in communal rooms.

Types of screens & room dividers

You can find different types of screens. Some are made of a simple panel that folds, known as folding room screens, while others connect to support feet to stand upright. Depending on your needs, you can select from different fabrics. Fabric screens and bamboo room dividers are traditional styles of room dividers, while there are also minimal room divider options such as simple wooden screens.

Choose a fabric screen if you would like to allow light to pass through while still obscuring the view. If you want more privacy or a more permanent feel to your room divider, wooden dividers are a great option.

Styles of room dividers

As well as structure and material options, there are also different styles of dividers available. The room divider you choose should suit the décor and colour scheme of the room, as well as fit the overall design style. For a clean, minimal aesthetic, try a traditional Japanese room divider. These are made of neutral, lightweight fabric or rice paper and if styled right can almost blend into the room. If you're looking to use your screen to make more of a style statement, vintage room screens or Arab room dividers are more decorative choices.

Screens and room dividers are both versatile options that can have many uses within your home. They can be used temporarily to block off messy areas or to create separate areas within one larger room. Explore a wide range on eBay, from traditional screens to wooden room dividers.