Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic guitars have been used to make music and entertain crowds since the Middle Ages. They're one of the most popular musical instruments to learn because they're fun, relatively simple to play and can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Whether you're looking for an acoustic guitar to learn on or would like a replacement or upgrade, you'll find thousands of new and used options. Choose from some of the world's most iconic guitar brands including Gibson, Yamaha, Taylor, Fender, Stag, Tanglewood, Martin and Sigma.

Choosing an Acoustic Guitar

There are several types of acoustic guitar available including dreadnought, parlor and jumbo. Dreadnought is the most popular and has a large body, while parlor acoustic guitars are more compact and produce a more delicate tone. Jumbo acoustic guitars are the biggest and have more curve to their body which produces a louder and richer sound.

Guitar bodies and necks can be made from a wide range of woods that create slightly different sounds when played. Options include basswood, maple, ash, mahogany, spruce, rosewood, cedar and walnut.

As guitars can be played by children and adults alike, a range of sizes are available. Quarter, half and three-quarter sizes are recommended for younger musicians and those with small hands, while full-size options are the most popular among adults.

Typically, children aged 6 and under should opt for a quarter-sized guitar; children aged 7-11 should play a half-sized guitar and children aged 12-15 should try a three-quarter-sized guitar.

The type of strings a particular guitar uses is also important. Classical and flamenco guitar styles tend to make use of nylon strings and pop/rock music steel. Many acoustic guitars are in fact electro-acoustic, meaning they can be used with an amplifier.

Acoustic guitars are generally easy to transport, however, if you need to travel with your guitar frequently a three-quarter sized instrument may be more manageable. Whichever size you choose, make sure you select an acoustic guitar that matches your dexterity. Left-handed and right-handed options are available.

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