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Electric Guitar

Whether you are an experienced electric guitar player looking for an upgrade or a beginner ready to learn you will find plenty of models here on eBay. Choose from double necks, semi hollow, solid and even baritone styles available from a range of different brands including PRS, Gibson, Yamaha, Ibanez and Dean.


The Telecaster was introduced in the 1950s and is known for its powerful tone and easy playability. The guitar features a single cutaway body and two single coil pick ups producing the bright twangy tone that the Telecaster is known for. The Telecaster suits a range of different music genres from rock to jazz.

Les Paul

The Les Paul has 3 tuners on each side with the headstock usually being painted. The Les Paul style often has an ebony or rosewood fingerboard, with some alternatives being readily available with a tune o matic bridge. The Les Paul style is more suited to rock and roll, however, it can be used to create crystal clear tones, ideal for soloing and lead guitar depending on the pick ups you have installed.

Les Paul guitars have a solid body with paint designs that range from blocks of colour to quilted vinyl and even sunburst.

Semi Hollow

The semi hollow guitar is based on a block that runs down the middle of the body. This helps to reduce feedback issues and it also helps to boost the woody tone. It is mostly used in jazz and even though the pickups are mounted on a solid body, the other parts of the instrument are in fact, hollow. Usually, you have “f holes” which are also distinctively seen in instruments from the violin family. This provides some resistance feedback and it also allows the guitar to be used at a much higher volume.

Top Products in Electric Guitars

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  • Vintage V100 Reissued Electric Guitar Lemon Drop V100PGM
  • Fender Deluxe Telecaster Thinline 3 Colour Sunburst
  • PRS SE Standard 24 2018 Model Vintage Cherry
  • Fender Ltd Edition Mahogany Offset Telecaster