Lambretta Motorcycles & Scooters

Cute and quirky Lambretta motorcycles and scooters

You can't get much more iconic than Lambretta motorcycles and scooters. This iconic Italian brand originates from the ever-fashionable Milan and is known for its quirky style just one of the reasons why these motorcycles and scooters are so popular. Vintage Lambrettas from the 1940s to the 1970s are great additions to any collection, and you can pick your favourite colour to suit your personal style. 

Keep your eyes peeled for any special edition Lambretta scooters that are sure to make a statement. With each year of manufacture, Lambretta introduced different colour schemes and styles, as well as improvements in technology, from new gear arrangements and improvements in frame and handlebar set up to engine updates. 

You could pick up a classic Lambretta scooter to showcase at fairs and events for a real crowd pleaser, or you could look out for Lambrettas that are ready to ride and turn heads as you drive around town. If you're up for a restoration project, look out for scooters that are in need of a little work to get them back to top condition, have a look at for Lambretta scooter parts, perfect for the avid motorcycle mechanic. 

Popular Lambretta scooter models

One of the most popular Lambretta scooters is the 150 LI Series II. These were exported all over the world and are known for their distinctive bright colours and extremely comfortable ride. This was Lambretta's most popular three-wheeled motorcycle and its iconic cab and back box is unmistakable. 

If you're a sports enthusiast, look out for any 'Rallymaster' scooters for sale. Manufactured in the early 1960s, these were tuned and ready to race, with a high-performance exhaust system and scramble-ready back handle. As well as vintage Lambretta scooters, you may also find new Lambretta-style scooters from Royal Alloy, as well as the 2017 special edition from Lambretta itself.