Camping Mattresses & Sleeping Pads

Camping Sleeping Mats and Pads

For all camping excursions, an appropriate camping sleeping mat or pad is essential for a comfortable night. Whether you are looking to camp for the first time or are a seasoned camper, you can find a range of camping, sleeping mats and pads to suit your needs. You will find camping sleeping equipment for all weather conditions and all possible camping uses.

Inflatable camping sleeping mattresses will provide you with the comfort and warmth of a good night's sleep as if you were at home yet they are portable and efficient for camping trips. Simply blow it up when you are ready for bed, or you can use a pump for ease of inflation.

Some types of inflatable mattress are even self-inflating, all you need to do is to activate the easy operation valve. Most self-inflating mattresses are easy to deflate and can fold away for ease of transportation and storage and come with their own dedicated storage bag. Self-inflating mattresses are also ideal for your home when you have any unexpected guests staying the night.

If you are looking for camping sleeping mats and pads made of foam you can find a variety of styles of mats to suit your requirements. A roll up foam mat is easy to use when camping or backpacking and it is also easy to store away. Many types of foam mat are water resistant which means if the heavens open, you won't have to worry about damp bedding.

You can also find some sleeping mats and pads that are made of memory foam which helps you find a comfortable position when going to sleep, providing you with maximum relaxation and comfort. Camping sleeping mats are ideal not just for camping trips, but for use when extra guests come to stay at home and also at festivals too.

Another option is a camouflage print camping sleeping mat. These typically come with a drawstring bag for storage that makes it easy to store in your rucksack. It also comes with a small repair kit too.

If you don't mind pumping up the sleeping mats manually, you can find a range of camping sleeping mats and pads that require inflation from an external pump. Some types of camping sleeping mats and pads come with a pump, but some need to be attained separately.

Camping sleeping mats and pads are available in a variety of different products, brands, sizes, materials, features and colours. They are available in both pre-used and brand new condition.