Collectable Cigarette Tins

Own a Piece of History With Collectible Tobacco Tins

Collectible tobacco tins continue to inspire a generation of collectors who are fascinated by antique products and artwork. Many preowned antique tobacco tins can even serve decorative purposes. eBay is the right place to find inexpensive and rare tobacco tins.

What are some well-known themes on tobacco tins?

Manufacturers often produced tins with a particular theme as a trademark. Some of the generic themes included paintings of animals and plant life. The lithographed artwork outside the vintage tobacco tins for sale is important because most brands relied on the artwork to stand out from the competition.

Similarly, some of the well-known brands also used these artworks to target specific audiences. Images of cigarettes with real tipped gold were highlighted across vintage tobacco tins that targeted wealthy men. On the other hand, Muratti is a brand that used tobacco tins to promote their cigarettes to young ladies.

What are some naval-themed designs?

For collectors of tobacco tins for sale, the naval-inspired theme of sailors and yachts are valued items. The theme was the center of Players brand of cigarettes. These designs highlighted a sailor framed by a life preserver. Such was the impact of the naval theme that other brands started following the Players promotional techniques.

Ogden was the first to produce the Royal Navy cigarettes theme, which also made its way to tins. In addition, brands like Gold Leaf, Crown, and Hignetts also used similar promotional tactics. Pilot flake tins, which depicted a captain on the wheels on a boat listing to the starboard side, were a big hit with the public.

Types of antique tobacco tins on eBay

Tobacco tins were produced in a small number of shapes and size. Accordingly, almost all tobacco tins on eBay can be easily classified into three categories. The most common among these are cylinders and boxes that were mainly used to store tobacco. Once the tobacco was consumed, these boxes were also utilized to store a variety of other products; therefore, you may still see them in stores and kitchens.

Small flat and concave tins were manufactured for packet tobacco and for promotional purposes. Manufacturers produced these in large numbers because a discarded tin was often used by another person to store tobacco. A third form is a cut plug tin or a lunch-box tin that came with a handle. These tins were common in offices and schools.