Decorative Logs & Stones

Decorative Fireplace Logs, Stones, and Fire Glass Add Pizzazz to Your Fire

Your fireplace doesn't have to just be a way to heat your room. You can add many different types of special decorative fireplace objects that will enliven the room. Finding inexpensive new and used artificial logs for fireplaces, along with other decorative elements, is easy to do on eBay.

Types of decorative fireplace accessories

There are many ways to add a decorative appeal to your fireplace. These items can be attractive and useful at the same time. These are some of the various decorative fireplace objects you can add:

  • Logs - Logs are a traditional item in the fireplace that can be really jazzed up to add special effects to your hearth. Artificial logs are much more attractive than the real thing and will not burn away. You can even use logs that are tealights or are interesting shapes like skulls.
  • Lava rocks - Lava rocks, or fire rocks, are manufactured rocks that retain heat. They can come in various shapes and sizes and are used in gas fireplaces or firepits. They are both decorative and utilitarian in use, and they are an efficient means of supplying heat.
  • Fire glass - Fire glass is composed of small pieces of glass pebbles that are available in multiple colours and styles. They are very attractive and can increase heat radiation in the fireplace significantly. The glass is toughened glass and will not melt.
  • Log embers - These are fibrous artificial embers that you can add to a gas fireplace for a glowing affect.
Materials of decorative fireplace logs and accessories

Decorative fireplace objects, such as logs and other items, are made in a variety of non-consumable materials. These fireplace decorations can be ceramic fibres, ceramic clay, refractory cement, glass, and other heat-resistant materials. Whether you have a gas or an electric fireplace, you can find decorative fireplace objects in a variety of materials on eBay.

Types of decorative gas logs

There are two types of logs used in gas fireplaces, and each has advantages and disadvantages:

  • Vented logs - Vented logs are realistic and allow the flame to touch the log, wrapping around and flickering for a natural appearance. These logs produce less heat than ventless logs. Vented logs should be used in fireplaces with a functional chimney for exhaust gases.
  • Ventless logs - Ventless logs produce minimal exhaust and do not require a chimney. They produce more heat than vented logs and are more efficient, but they are not as realistic in use as vented logs.