Cable TV Boxes

Cable TV Boxes

With so much choice and hundreds of TV channels to view, a cable TV box is a must-have for any home. These smart home innovations have changed the way we watch TV and opened up a wealth of viewing options to suit your interests and preferences. Cable TV boxes are super easy to set up and give you access to plenty of popular channels. Many also give the chance to view in high definition and support a range of music formats. Discover cable TV boxes from brands such as Panasonic, Samsung and TiVo.

This small box provides everything you could need for ultimate TV viewing. You'll have access to plenty of popular apps and programmes including Freeview channels, sports and movies plus tons of extras from popular internet services such as Youtube and Netflix. These handy boxes also come with either a basic or comprehensive remote controls for full use of the device.

Extendable Storage

Many cable TV boxes a lot of storage so you can store hours of programmes. This extra memory also allows apps to run faster and more efficiently. Some models have expandable storage options which provide your box with increased capacity.

Handy Extras

A cable box provides quality sound and images and works with a range of TV makes and models. Various multimedia features are supported including micro SD cards, USB connectors and external hard drives. They are user-friendly and easy to set up with user guides for support. Some cable boxes also offer a host of other features including parental control, automatic service scans, LED display and a variety of language settings.

Many also have automatic standby setting which emits little energy when not in use. The device is usually compact and is easy to store alongside your TV, DVD player or modem.