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Chainsaws are versatile pieces of machinery that can be used to cut everything from trees and ice sculptures to stone and concrete. To be able to cut such a variety of materials, a chainsaw needs to be powered by a battery, mains electricity or petrol.

Whether you're a professional logger, arborist or enthusiastic gardener, you'll find thousands of chainsaws specially designed for cutting tree wood. Whichever chainsaw you choose, look out for inbuilt safety features such as a chain brake, anti kickback, front hand guard and anti vibration handle to ensure your personal safety.

Popular brands include Remington, Oregon, ALM, Ryobi, ECHO, BLACK+DECKER, Husqvarna, STIHL, Makita and Poulan.

Top Handle Chainsaw

Top handle chainsaws are designed to be used in trees and at heights. However, to operate one you'll need to be fully trained, securely harnessed and wearing the appropriate safety equipment.

This type of chainsaw is favoured by professionals as its lightweight frame and handle placement enables it to be used safely with just one hand. Choose from a range of petrol powered top handle chainsaws with an output of up to 62 ccs.

Pole Chainsaw

This type of chainsaw is generally used for trimming high and difficult to reach branches and foliage. Pole chainsaws feature a small chainsaw attached to the end of a long pole that can measure anywhere between 6 and 20 feet.

It's relatively easy to use and is intended to be operated while standing firmly on the ground. You can find petrol, battery powered and mains electric pole chainsaws depending on your preference.

Mini Chainsaws

If you don't require the full power of a larger chainsaw, a mini chainsaw could be the ideal solution. Measuring anywhere between 10 and 16 inches, a mini chainsaw is easy to transport, lightweight and can be powered by a battery, petrol or mains electricity.

Top Products in Chainsaws

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