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Drive stylishly with Mini classic cars

Mini classic cars are known for being one of the biggest cars of the 1960s, when hippie trends were in and The Beatles were the biggest stars around. Mini cars offer a vintage looking ride no matter when released, with nifty little features and pure efficient power under the bonnet. 

Classically aesthetic

Despite being known for the classic model, Mini offers multiple different body types for each and every driver. An automatic soft-top convertible is available for those who enjoy sitting in the sun, and although it may be unusual for such a small car, the automatic roof just adds that extra bit of flair to the classic Mini shape. 

Hatchback classic cars are perfect for those who still want that retro style, but with a larger area space for passengers and extra doors. Equally as big is the pickup-style Mini car, for those who have a lot to transport for further distances, as well as people who drive on off-road terrain. 

Revamped and revised

While the original Mini Mk. I, released in the 1960s, had a suitably small engine of two cylinders capable of 848cc, many of the originals have been revamped to better fit modern technology. You can find these classic cars fitted with more modern Chrysler and BMW engines, a higher gear drive than the original 4-speed transmission, and a high engine complacency. 

Many of the newer and reworked classic Mini cars have been transformed to an automatic, or with a 5-speed drive. On top of these improvements of the timeless car, many have a bumped up engine complacency, all the way up to 1275cc, allowing for a higher top speed than the original 72mph. 

Keep an eye out for specially altered cars to have a unique body, made especially with a certain design in mind. Some have altered the body and interior of the cars to fit a certain celebrity's aesthetic, or to properly mimic a famous Mini from a movie such as The Italian Job. Find exactly the type of classic Mini car you need here on eBay.