Enjoy the Water While Carving on a Wakeboard

Wakeboarding is a fun way to spend time on the water, and it's a sport that gets your adrenaline pumping and challenges you to try new things. If you'd like to buy a new or used wakeboard, eBay has an extensive collection. Here are some factors to consider before you buy.

What sizes are the wakeboards for sale?

The size of a wakeboard is measured in centimeters, and the range typically begins at 111 centimeters and goes up to 146 centimeters, or sometimes even beyond.

Anything under 118 centimeters is designed for a child under 70 pounds, and the wakeboards that are 120 or 130 centimeters long can be used by small adults (weighing less than 110 pounds) or older children. A good range for adults weighing between 150 and 225 pounds is 138 to 146 centimeters. Larger riders will benefit from riding on boards at least 142 centimeters long. See the manufacturer site for details.

While these are recommended lengths, there is some flexibility. In general, if you go with a smaller board, you can make quicker turns and feel more in control if you do tricks. If you go with a larger board, you'll have more stability.

Wakeboard rockers

The rocker refers to the shape of the board. A new or used wakeboard for sale can have a:

  • Continuous rocker: A continuous rocker will have one long curve from the tail to the tip, dipping in the middle. This will provide you with softer landings and consistent releases off wakes. Continuous rockers can be some of the cheaper used wakeboards available.
  • Three-stage rocker: These boards will be flatter in the main part of the board, curving up at the tip and tail. This gives them more pop, which is useful if you're interested in getting big air and doing complicated tricks.
  • Hybrid rocker: Hybrid rockers will be right in the middle of the two previous types, with a relatively flat center area that has a trace of a curve to it.
What kinds of bases do wakeboards for sale come with?

As you search for used wakeboards for sale on eBay, you'll see that they have different types of bases. The three main types are:

  • Featureless: These boards aren't made with any molded-in fins or channels, so their performance is affected by their rocker and fin configuration.
  • Base with channels: The channels direct water to flow underneath your board. Because channels break up some water tension, landings can be softer.
  • V-spine: V-spines also help break up the water as you land, and they make your transitions faster as you move from edge to edge.