Home MiniDisc Players & Recorders

Home MiniDisc Players and Recorders

Throw it back to a simpler time with a MiniDisc player and recorder for your home. Listen to your favourite songs or record podcasts, mixtapes or your own songs. MiniDisc players and recorders are a must-have for all songwriters, or just anyone who loves music. Find MiniDisc players, recorders and CD combo recorders from leading brands, such as Sony, Denon, Kenwood and Yamaha.

Most home MiniDisc hi-fi systems nowadays sport CD players that support MP3 and WAV file playback as well as standard CD or CD-TEXT discs. MiniDisc players can record in a variety of formats, including SP, MONO, LP2 in addition to LP4.

If you're looking for a smaller option, consider one of Sony's portable MiniDisc players that enable you to move to your music on the go. These transportable players slip easily into your pocket, so you can listen to your favourite tunes wherever you are.

MiniDiscs are the perfect on-the-move companions, delivering impeccable playing performance without skipping even when you're active. Most devices have digital mega bass systems, which provide deep, rich bass tones whilst digital level control allows you to achieve a consistent recording level, no matter what the source of your recording.

Modern-day players and recorders are full-sized music centres, perfect for music fans who use all types of audio media, from vinyl to digital. They even let you digitise your entire music collection, make backups and allow playback on MP3 players or car stereos.

Some are kitted out with integrated amplifiers, external speakers, CD/MP3 players, cassettes decks, radios, USB ports, SD card ports and record players. Some record directly in MP3 format to a USB memory or SD card from the turntable, cassette deck or CD/MP3 player.

If you're looking for a more portable device, you can buy smaller, transportable MiniDisc players and recorders, ideal if you want to record and listen to music on the move.