Home Cassette Tape Players

Home Cassette Tape Players

Home cassette tape players have become increasingly popular even in this digital age. Whether you are looking to dust off your cassette collection from the attic, or to play more current releases, owning a home cassette tape player is a guaranteed must for the serious music aficionado.

Check out some of the top brands. Sony's TC-K611S has a great reputation for sound quality, much like the Yamaha KX-300. Another great brand is Pioneer with models like the CT-95 and the CT-W404R being popular. The Denon DR-M24HX is highly sought after with 3 heads, while the Denon DRS-810 comes with a remote control. Other great bands to consider are Aiwa, JVC and Nakamichi to name a few.

What to Consider

Remember that a home cassette tape player is quite a complex piece of machinery with moving parts that need to be cared for. It is essential that the deck works properly, and can provide the best quality for your cassette to play. Consider whether it has two or three tape heads and whether the Dolby noise reduction works well.

Another thing to consider is how loud a volume you might need and whether you are looking for sound quality or for something more durable and affordable. You should check the tape heads to ensure they are clean otherwise the music will not sound clear and sharp when you first play your tape.

Key Features

Other features to consider when buying a home cassette tape player are the type of speakers, whether or not it has the capacity to record audio, and the number of headphone jacks available. Consider if you want an auto reverse home cassette tape player which enables you to play continuous music, by playing the music on the other side when it reaches the end.

Some home cassette tape players set the bias and equalisation automatically by sensing the type of tape playing, others will have selector switches. Twin cassette tape decks will very likely have high speed dubbing enabling you to record one tape to another at a fast speed.