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Home record players and turntables have made a comeback in recent years. Designed to play vinyl records, record players let you collect your favourite albums and listen to them in high quality. Discover record players from trusted brands including Thorns, Rega and SME. With a varied range of different designs available, there's something suited to every style of interior décor. Choose from black modern styles or classic wooden units. Discover both brand new and used record players. Benefit from the functional features of modern turntables or go for the retro charm of classic models.

Brands and Makes

The Crosley Cruiser Retro record player uses a classic design to add retro charm to your room. Available in bright colours, including bright green, this record player features a stylish suitcase design. This makes them easy to store and transport when in use. Made for casual listeners, this model features a headphone jack so you can listen to your favourite music in private.

The Auna MG TT 82C also utilises a retro design. The record player is encased inside of a vintage style radio, letting you listen to your favourite records or radio channels. Built in stereo speakers output quality music, letting you fill your house with your favourite sounds.

For something more professional, go for a LINN LP12 SONDEK. The stunning wooden plinth adds a touch of class to the unit, making it a stylish addition to your home. This record player requires an amp and speaker to output sound as there are no built in speakers. This model is perfect for vinyl enthusiasts with a vast collection of records.

The Steepletone ST929R offers some serious functionality. Not only does this machine play records, you can connect your other devices via an AUX cable straight to the record player. This unit also lets you convert your favourite vinyls into an MP3 format, letting you take all of your albums with you wherever you go.

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