Boat Engines & Motors

Boat Engines and Motors

Shop a terrific range of outboard and internal boat engines and motors from leading brand such as Yamaha, Mariner and Honda. Whatever the size of your vessel and however large or small your demand for horsepower, you are certain to find the engine or motor for your boat here on eBay. 

Outboard or Inboard

If you are new to boating then you should first decide whether your boat needs an outboard or an onboard motor. 

Outboard motors are fixed to the stern of a boat and are external to the boat';s hull. Typically they are smaller and less powerful than onboard motors, although some larger launches can possess hugely powerful engines. An outboard motor is most likely to be the engine you are after if you own a small dingy. 

On-board motors are internalised like the motor of a car. Larger vessels like narrowboats, yachts, and speedboats are more likely to use an onboard engine than an outboard one. 

Size Matters

Most boat owners will say that the reason they grew tired of their boat was a lack of engine power. When you are buying a motor, especially an outboard motor, give primary consideration to horsepower. Horsepower is not all about speed, although the more horsepower the higher the speed of the vessel. Horsepower will also give you better handling, and allow for you to pull things like skiers and toys. 

Boat owners generally advise buying the maximum powered engine for the size of your boat. Remember that you do not have to drive the engine to the maximum of its capability at all times if you are new to boating, and not a confident captain. It is also worth noting that a smaller engine will not save on fuel. Rather a smaller engine will have to work harder to reach a modest speed and therefore will use more fuel.