Heat Presses

Heat Presses

A heat press is a piece of equipment that's used to permanently apply a heat transfer to a surface.

If you run a business that's centred around bringing your creativity to life, a heat press will help you transfer prints directly onto a range of surfaces including t shirts, cushion covers and bags. Heat presses are also great for applying logos and cool designs to a range of products such as mugs and keyrings.

Heat presses are fast, easy to use and more efficient than alternative printing methods. Choose from thousands of heat press machines with different types of sublimation.

Heat Press Machines

The most common heat press machines are flat and square shaped. They can be used to print on any flat surface, with t shirts and canvas bags being among the most popular choices.

There are two types of heat press machine available: swing away and clam. Swing away versions have a press that lifts up vertically before swinging horizontally to the right, whereas clam and clamshell presses simply lift upwards.

You'll also have a choice between digital and analogue, which refers to the type of inbuilt timer. If you're printing in large batches a digital timer can help increase efficiency and may be preferable.

Depending on how large your prints and sublimations are, you can find flatbed heat presses in a range of sizes including 9x12, 15x15 and 15x20 inches. Choose from blue, black, green and grey colour options.

There's also a small selection of mug heat press machines that are cylindrical in shape and enable you to place a mug inside.


In addition to heat press machines, you'll also find thousands of sublimations and surfaces to print on. Choose from a selection of A4 and precut packets of sublimation heat transfer papers and blank items such as mugs, keyrings, phone cases and jigsaws.

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