Antique Fireplaces, Mantels & Fireplace Accessories

Antique Fireplaces Create a Cosy Atmosphere

To create a traditional look within your living room, add a vintage fireplace. Vendors on eBay have options that are suitable for small or large spaces, so they will not feel overwhelming, or be dwarfed by your furniture. You can easily match these to your existing decor, and the materials used offer exciting choices.

Are genuine antique mahogany fireplaces available?

Yes. Several antique fireplaces on eBay are made of genuine mahogany and have a soothing dark finish. Many of these are original pieces that have been restored to maintain their natural beauty. If you appreciate wooden fireplace sets, you can also choose from other durable types of wood, such as walnut, oak, and pine.

While wood is really popular for its warm feel, you will also find reclaimed Italian marble fireplaces on eBay. These may be made of white or grey Italian marble, and allow you to invest in history. A highly polished black marble mantel can immediately transform a room and adds an air of formality that enhances your other furnishings. Marble with unusual hues and patterns can be found in fireplaces from eBay, and these are especially appealing because many marbles of that type stopped emerging from quarries several years ago, so you won't find them anywhere else.

Is it possible to obtain antique Palladian-style fireplaces?

Yes. Many mantels on eBay are made in the Palladian style. Several vendors have vintage fireplaces from the 18th and 19th centuries, and these reflect the exquisite craftsmanship that these eras are known for. You will find lovely mouldings on several of these pieces and they are also accentuated by fine scallops. These details are carved by hand and complemented by beautiful side drapes.

Enjoy old-fashioned fireplace mantels from the Edwardian era

Fireplace surrounds in the Sheraton revival style are available on eBay, and these are suitable for people who appreciate mantels from the Edwardian era. While the body of the mantels may be made mainly with rich, dark mahogany, you will find that several are inlaid with brightly-coloured satinwood, which complements the dark finish on the furniture. Various fruit woods may also be used to create veneers with additional colour, and these are durable and attractive. Options from eBay may feature:

  • Very fine inlays.
  • Precisely carved mouldings.
  • Their original French polish.
Create elegance with ionic columns in your living room

Antique fireplaces from the Victorian era are available on eBay, and these have characteristics that are traditionally associated with that time, such as ionic columns. You may find twin columns on fireplaces that perfectly balance each other, and are enhanced by classic dog-leg shaped openings.