Antique Wooden Walking Sticks & Canes

There is something really satisfying about a walking stick, especially one that has a bit of history. Here you can choose to shop by feature or by style/period, with hundreds of listings ranging from Victorian or Edwardian to Art Deco or Arts & Crafts, enabling you to add something special to your collection or something unique to your walk.

Antique Walking Stick Handles

The handle is, of course, the bit on the top end of the walking stick, that sits in the palm of the hand. For utilitarian purposes, the handle needs to be easy to grip and functional but for collectors, the variety on offer is more creative. Whether you chose wood, nickel, brass or cast resin, you can purchase walking stick handles in a wide array of shapes and sizes, from detailed animal casts such as dogs, owls, donkeys, ducks or jaguars, to decorative and intricately embossed round handles. For those preferring something simple, examples like the Sheesham Derby Handle or the Sheesham Crutch Handle are more traditionally shaped.

Antique Walking Stick Shanks

The shank is the longest part of the walking stick, which stretches from the handle to the ground. They can be straight, slightly curved or even twisted to allow for a personalised design and they are usually manufactured using wood such as Chestnut or Walnut. They may come complete with a metal ferrule for the easy attachment of a handle.

Shop by Period

When you shop by period, you shop for the complete walking stick rather than purchasing the component parts. Walking sticks have always been the subject of some imagination and you can find examples that are made from unusual materials, such as shark's vertebrae (from the Victorian era), or black hardwood with sharply contrasting chrome handles and shanks that taper to a very thin point (Art Deco).

Walking sticks and canes come in different lengths, so if you are purchasing one to use rather than to admire, make sure you select a suitable size to avoid postural difficulties.