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Breathe easy with a humidifier

Combat the adverse effects of low humidity with a humidifier. These handy items are compact, some coming in stylish designs, and increase the humidity of your home. Low humidity can cause some health problems and also damage furniture or books, especially in the winter months. From stylish wood finish units to larger box models, you'll find the perfect home air quality equipment on eBay. 

Cool mist humidifiers

For something perfect for home use, go for a cool mist humidifier from Futura. These units offer 360 degrees of mist, ensuring that your room gets full coverage. A soft blue glowing light creates a calming ambient feel, perfect for use at night or in your kid's room. This unit can store up to 800ml of water and outputs 80ml of mist per hour, cutting down on refilling time. 

Or go for something with a touch more functionality, like a SimpleTaste humidifier. A vast 4 litre tank holds a serious amount of water and offers up to 13 hours of use on the strongest setting. 

A rotatable mist nozzle with 360 degrees of coverage is easily adjustable, whilst seven different night light colours set the perfect mood. An LED display shows the indoor temperature and a timer, showing you exactly must use you have left before you need to refill. 

Atomizer humidifiers

Atomizer humidifiers are designed to stylishly fit in with your home.Go for a cylindrical model with a beautiful wood design for something to blend in with your home decor. Turn on the light to create the perfect sleeping environment, or mix in a few drops of essential oils to help with sleeping. 

You'll also find handy desk rabbit humidifiers, perfect for use on the go or at work. These feature a USB port for power and can help you to relax when at work. With a 170ml water tank and 30ml of mist per hour, you'll get up to four hours of continuous use. 

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