Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs

To enhance a bath time ritual, bath bombs are a great product that can add colour, scent and bubbles to the bath water to enhance the experience. Usually stylishly designed with a use of colours or compacted into a particular shape, bath bombs arrive dry and hard-packed. Once you add a bath bomb to water, the dry ingredients break down and effervesce. With the effervescing, the oils, soap and products within the bath bomb are released to create an enjoyable bathing experience.

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Benefits of Bath Bombs

One of the advantages of bath bombs is the wealth of colours available that can be released to turn your bath water into a vibrant and unusual experience. Some bath bombs will release a variety of colours which you can swirl to create your ideal bath aesthetics.

Bath bombs can be packed full of essential oils and scented items that release powerful smells to enhance the bath. Lavender is often used to create a relaxing bath experience, while citrus scents are uplifting and invigorating and sweet vanilla can be warm and comforting. With an array of choice, it will be easy to find your perfect scent.

You may find bath bombs are kind to your skin if they use skin-softening ingredients and moisturising oils such as coconut oil and shea butter. These are ideal for reducing the number of steps in your beauty regime as you can protect your skin simply by relaxing in a bubble bath.

Often beautifully designed and stylishly packaged, bath bombs can be a great gift for someone who loves trying new bathing products and deserves to have time for themselves. Bath bombs will often come in gift sets, whether standard or travel sized, which make them a great idea for a present.