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Photo & Picture Frames

Display all of your memories around your home in a photo and picture frame. Available in a range of sizes, styles and designs, photo frames will add a finishing touch to any room. Photo frames can display single or multiple images, depending on your requirements. Whether you are after a photo a4 frame to capture a special moment or a picture frame to display a new piece of art, you will find a wide range of styles to choose from.

You can find photo and picture frames in various materials to suit your home decor, including wood, silver, glass and plastic, as well as picture frame wood in multiple colours, and picture frame glass should you need a replacement.

Types of Frames

Single photo frames are available in various sizes, from small freestanding photo frames to larger styles. They also come in a range of colours, shapes and designs. Choose a photo frame with personalised, engraved writing for a personal touch.

Multi aperture frames allow you to capture a story from a particular moment and are an elegant way of presenting a selection of family photos within the same space. With an array of colours and styles to choose from, it is easy to find a frame to complement your decor. For something a little different, look for multi aperture photo frames displayed in fun shapes and sizes.

Perfect for hanging works of art, poster frames will add a decorative touch to your home and can display single or multiple photos. They are perfect for displaying pictures, posters or your favourite artwork.

Photo cubes are an easy way to display photographs without too much space. These are perfect for office desks or any small areas.

Snow globes are an inventive way of combining photographs with fun. These are ideal for giving as a gift to children. Other frames include rotating, freestanding, multi photo frames, and more.

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