TV Stands & Mounts

TV Stands Improve Your Viewing Pleasure

If you have a home, flat, or business and love to watch television programs and movies, you may want to consider purchasing a new or used TV stand on eBay. There are many different types available to choose from, so you can decide which one is right for your specific space. When used effectively, these items can provide a more open area to entertain while still giving you a great view of the television.

Which styles of TV mounts are available?

The fixed type of stand will keep the television in a set location when it is firmly attached to the wall. This is a great option if you dont plan to rearrange the furniture very often and want a simple solution to home entertainment. The rest of the stands have may some unique features. You should read each listing carefully to ensure that your needs will be met. Some of the additional options include:

  • Full motion
  • Tilt and swivel
  • Tilting
  • Swivel
  • Cantilever
How does the TV wall shelf work?

The TV wall shelf is basically a wall mount with an included shelf. This shelf is a nice feature because it gives you a space to put your DVD player, streaming device, or game system in a secure location next to the television. The installation is pretty straightforward. You basically need to find the studs in the wall and secure the system. The TV wall shelf that you purchase may have additional features.

Why does the VESA hole pattern matter?

The VESA hole pattern is important because the TV wall shelf will attach directly to the VESA pattern on the television. Before buying any new or used TV wall shelf on eBay, you must make certain that the VESA pattern matches the television that you have. The pattern is comprised of a set of screws on the back of the television. You can find the exact pattern in the paperwork, but you can also measure it if needed.

Some of the more common TV wall shelf systems are designed to fit televisions with patterns that will measure the following:

  • 75 by 75 millimetres
  • 100 by 100 millimetres
  • 200 by 200 millimetres
Which colours are available on eBay?

The most common colours are black, grey, and silver. No matter which colour you choose to purchase, you can expect it to be made of strong, durable metals that are resistant to just about anything.

Top Products in TV Stands & Mounts

  • VonHaus by Designer Habitat Floating Wall Mount Shelf Bracket for DVD, Sky, AV, PS3, XBOX
  • Invision Double Arm TV Wall Bracket Mount for 24 55 Inch LED LCD Plasma Curved
  • TV Wall Bracket Mount Swivel Tilt for BRAND 32 55" LED LCD 3d Plasma Cantilever
  • Allcam Electric Motorised TV Bracket Ceiling Mount for 32 55" W/ VESA 400x400
  • Duronic TVB103M Super Heavy Duty Premium Lockable Black Universal 33 65 TV X
  • Heavy Duty TV Wall Mount Bracket Long Reach Swivel 22 26 32 40 43 49 50 55 Inch
  • VonHaus Cantilever Arm Wall Mount Bracket With Swivel and Tilt for 23 42 Inch
  • TV Wall Bracket Mount Tilt Slim 32 37 40 50 55 60 70 Inches 3d Plasma LCD LED
  • 5 A5 VonHaus 26 55" Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket Built in Spirit Level for LED
  • Invision GT1200 Screenstation Mobile TV Stand Trolley Cart – Anti tip Ultr
  • North Bayou LED LCD Monitor Wall TV Mount Bracket With Full Motion Swivel
  • VonHaus Basics Swivel Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket for 23 42 Inch LED LCD
  • Long Reach TV Wall Mount Bracket Tilt Swivel 40 42 49 50 55 60 65 70 Inch
  • You Save Accessories YSL BSL 400T Tilt Vesa Mount for 26" to 55" TVs
  • Invision Single Tempered Glass Wall Mounted Floating Component Shelf
  • Pro Signal Tilt and Swivel TV Stand for 32 to 55 Screen
  • VonHaus 05/004 32 70" Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket
  • Dihl AM 02 Wall Mount Swivel TV Bracket 22 50
  • SANUS SimplySafe Vll61 b2 Fixed TV Bracket
  • Vonhaus TV Bracket Wall Mount with Tilt

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