Collectable Lighters

Collectable Lighters

Collectable lighters can intrigue for their unique designs, interesting history and iconic brand names. With a vast and fascinating variety of contemporary and vintage lighters available, you can find that special one which will become a talking point in your collection.

Flint lighters became popular in the early 20th Century and from the 1920s onwards companies such as Dunhill, Ronson and Zippo continued to improve the design and today they are among the most popular lighter brands to collect. A collector can be attracted to a lighter for a unique or quirky design, because it is an antique, or because they have a special interest in a particular brand, Zippo being one of the most popular.

Brands of Lighter

You can select your lighter by picking from the material it has been made from, with choices including stylish gold, metal, brass or more unusual materials such as leather, ceramic or wood. You can pick the category you want, including brand names like Zippo, Clipper, Ronson, or Dunhill, or the type of lighter you would prefer, such as vintage, table, or themed.

Zippo lighters are not only highly collectable, they are also available in abundance, made in materials including elegant brushed chrome, brass, silver or gold. Look out for vintage Zippo lighters, or replicas of vintage models, personalise one with an engraving to give as a gift or choose one of its famous windproof themed lighters.

Spanish brand Clipper produced the first refillable butane lighter in 1972, is recognisable for its unique round shape, and for producing more than 10,000 different designs. Keep an eye out for limited edition collections and quirky novelty lighters which will enhance every collection.

The collector of vintage lighters could find examples from the early and mid-20th century from brands of the day including Ronson, Dunhill, and early Zippo.

There is something for every collector of lighters, whether they are after novelty, style, or history and they all come in a material to suit all tastes.