Suzuki Motorcycles & Scooters

You Will Have a Dependable Ride with Suzuki Motorcycles and Scooters

Suzuki has been designing motorcycles for more than half a century. Their bikes have been top contenders in motocross races, and casual riders enjoy their comfortable cruisers and standard bikes. You can find many modern and vintage used Suzuki motorcycles for sale on eBay to fit all your requirements, and you will appreciate the bargain prices.

Types of Suzuki motorcycles in the UK

Suzuki designs and produces motorcycles in multiple classes. You can find these classes of Suzuki motorbikes listed for sale on eBay:

  • Cruisers - Cruisers are designed for cruising down the highway in comfort. The seat is lower and there is plenty of room for a little added luggage. The available engine sizes are varied.
  • Standard - The standard motorcycle is an all-purpose type of motorcycle. It has a simple design and can have engines that range from 125 cc to 1,000 cc. It either has no fairing on the front or a small one. The seat is not forward-leaning or rear-reclining and is in the middle range of height.
  • Adventure - Adventure bikes are capable bikes for both on-road and off-road cruising. They feature a long travel suspension, a high seat, and high handlebars. This configuration is comfortable for both sitting and standing in the saddle.
  • Dual-sport - A dual-sport bike can go anywhere on the road and off the road. They have aggressive off-road suspension and tyres with good traction for off-road travels. The seat height is a little higher than standard models.
  • Off-road - These bikes are also known as dirt bikes and are especially designed for off-road driving for enjoyment, and for racing in competitive events, such as motocross, trails, and enduro races.
Does Suzuki make scooters?

Suzuki has produced many series of scooters over the years. Their Burgman series are available with 200 cc, 400 cc, and 650 cc engines.

Vintage Suzuki motorcycles

Suzuki began making motorcycles in 1952, and many of their early models are considered classics today and are collectible vintage motorbikes. Some of their TM motocross series from the early 1970s and their RM series from the later 1970s are commonly sought after. The TM bikes are often raced in classic pre-1974 scramble races.

Modern Suzuki motorcycles for sale

Suzuki has many modern models of motorcycles available in various disciplines. Some of these productions include these series of bikes:

  • Hayabusa
  • GSX series
  • Suzuki Boulevard series
  • V-Strom 1000XT series
  • DR series
  • VanVan 200
  • RM series