Boat Heating and Air-Con

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Boat Heater

If you are a professional fisherman or work in a marine industry, you may be interested in purchasing a boat heater to help keep the cabin of your boat warm and toasty year round. You can find the type of heater you need and any parts that may be necessary when you check out the listings on eBay. Stay warm in all temperatures while you are docked or out on the open waters with these boat heaters.

Are there different types of boat heaters?

There are several different types of boat heaters to choose from. The right type of heater depends on the size of the boat and the conditions that the heater will be used to provide heat. If you are going to stay for a long while in a cold climate, for example, a diesel heater would be a good solution for the situation. If you have a small personal craft and want to provide heat for a weekend excursion, you may be better off with a portable ceramic heater.

What types of heaters are suitable for a smaller boat?

There are a wide variety of portable heaters that are meant for use on small watercraft. Most of the options are ceramic heaters that have a 12v plug and range anywhere from 5 to 12 Amps. Just like portable heaters used for homes, they have a tip-over shut-off switch as well as an emergency overheat shut-off feature for safety purposes. eBay offers a large selection of heaters for all sizes of boats.

What types of accessories would a boat heater need?

There are many different types of boat heaters, and some may require the instalment of a flute, piping, or other features to ensure they function properly and safely. Before purchasing a boat heater, find out what accessories you may need to purchase separately. Some of the items you may require include:

  • Filaments
  • Pipes
  • Flus
  • Conversion plugs
  • Thermostat
What type of fuel does a boat heater require?

Normally, there are two options for boat heaters that use fuel. The most popular version is diesel, and there are also kerosene heaters. Both are designed for use with larger boats and work to keep to cabin temperature comfortable in all types of weather. This is a great option for people who work on the water during the cold months, or people who will be journeying to cold areas and need reliable and efficient heating. Check out the selection of both types on eBay.