Without Stone for Men

No Stone Earrings and Studs for Men

Pierced ears are one of the oldest methods of body modification around. No stone earrings and studs for men are amongst the best loved styles for todays gentleman thanks to their classic look.

Although pierced ears have been around since ancient times, they only became a common occurrence just before the 1600s. From a symbol for sailors to show how well travelled they were to a simple fashion statement, they are a regular part of many mens overall look.

Earrings and studs without stones are desired for their simple and timeless look. For many men, a classic steel, silver, plated or gold style is the ideal everyday choice to keep their piercing looking contemporary and smart.

Types of mens earrings

There are a few varieties of style to choose from when it comes to mens earrings , each achieving a different look. Your choice will depend very much on preference. Do you want an understated look, or would you prefer something more ostentatious?

Studs are fixed to the front of the ear lobe and held in place at the back with a fastening. They usually take on a round or square shape, leaving room all the way around for the ear lobe to show. This gives the illusion that the stud is floating, creating a neat punctuated look that is universally popular.

Hooped earrings are a more fashion focused option. They can range in size and thickness, but are generally defined as a hoop that hangs down enough to show space between the ear and the edge of the jewellery. These are nearly always plain and unadorned.

Much like hoops, huggie style earrings hang down below the ear, though as the name suggests, they hug the edge of the lobe to form a tighter fit. They tend to be slightly thicker and squared at the edges, allowing them to showcase a pattern or design.