Food Storage Containers

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Flexible, practical plastic food containers

Plastic food containers offer storage and serving solutions for a huge range of foods, from dry goods like cereals and pulses, through semi solids such as leftover meals, to liquids such as healthy juices and shakes, sauces and gravies. 

You'll find a wide variety of sizes and styles available, from versatile boxes to specialist containers. Available in different colours and designs to match your personality or other kitchenware, you're sure to find the perfect food container here on eBay. 

Sizes and styles of plastic food containers

You can find plastic storage containers in all shapes and sizes to suit the contents and where they will be stored. The most common shape is the sandwich box style flat rectangular box, which comes in a range of capacities. You can also find round pot style containers, tall cylinders and even plastic food containers with compartments, allowing you to package and store whole meals in one tray. Silicone plastic food containers are durable yet flexible containers that come in a range of bright colours, from yellow to red. 

Uses for plastic food containers

Plastic food containers can be used for long term food storage, in cupboards, fridges and freezers, as well as for transport, such as lunch boxes and picnics. They are really handy when it comes to separating foods and avoiding cross contamination during storage, as well as for organising your food cupboards using a standard system, rather than a bunch of randomly shaped packages. 

Useful features to look out for

There are a number of extra features that can enhance the usefulness of your plastic food containers. These include clip on lids for added security and lids with smaller openings that allow you to pour out the contents without removing the whole lid. Colour coded lids can also help you to quickly identify the contents. 

You should always check that the plastic is suitable for the use you have in mind, such as freezing or microwaving. BPA free food containers are free from the controversial ingredient used in some plastic food containers. 

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