Available in oval, rectangular, round or square shapes, tablecloths are practical cover-ups for dining tables, occasional tables and party function tables and are designed to provide protection from scratches, spillages and stains. In addition, more ornate tablecloths which feature delicate materials such as lace and embroidered embellishments will serve a more ornamental purpose while protecting a cherished table from everyday wear and tear.

Family Entertaining

Tablecloths are essential homewares used for large or small scale entertaining at home and can be purchased for various sizes of table, adding a special touch to everyday dining and family meals. Checked and gingham or spotted/polka dot patterned tablecloths will lend a traditional feel to a country kitchen or contemporary home and offer up a splash of colour to the heart of the home. Easy wipe clean vinyl and oilcloth tablecloths are also particularly hardy for family kitchens and will contend with the messiest of mealtimes.

Party Time

A large range of colourful tablecloths can be purchased as essential practical party accessories which will protect your chosen venue tables from stains and spillages. These items are available as disposable or reusable items and can be chosen to fit your party theme and colourways.

Tablecloths will often set the scene for your chosen ‘tablescape' or associated plates, glassware and other accessories and so colour and design can be themed to fit the occasion. For wedding parties or baby showers, beautiful heavyweight pure white cotton or cotton blend tablecloths provide a simple base to build from. Some tablecloths can be purchased in practical plastic rolls in an array of colours which can be cut to suit, making them ideal for summer BBQs and outdoor wedding catering.

In addition, a selection of fun patterned tablecloths featuring cartoon characters and holiday-themed designs make perfect disposable cover-ups for children's parties and seasonal buffets or shindigs.

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