Video Game Replacement Motherboards for Sony PlayStation 4

Bring Your PS4 Back to Life With Another Motherboard

An advanced game system like the PS4 now has all of the essential functions of a computer, and perhaps the main component of any computer is its motherboard. All of the main chips and components of any computer are attached to and allowed to interface through the motherboard, and the PS4 is certainly no exception. So if you need to replace your PS4 motherboard or other important PS4 components to return your PS4 to working order, eBay has you covered.

PS4 main motherboard

There are two kinds of affordable PS4 motherboards: the main motherboard and a PS4 controller motherboard.

The main motherboard itself goes inside of the PS4 and when it is being replaced it typically also has to be replaced along with the optical drive board. Thus, when searching for a PS4 motherboard to buy on eBay, check to see if the motherboard comes with an optical drive board. If not, you may also have to buy an optical drive board. eBay sells motherboards meant for either the ordinary PS4 or for PS4 Slim models, so make sure that you buy the correct motherboard for your model. Common part numbers are CUH-2115, CUH-2115A, and CUH-2015. Make sure to cross-reference the part number on your old motherboard before choosing a replacement to buy.

Choosing a PS4 controller motherboard

PS4 controller motherboards are compatible with the Dualshock 4 controllers used by that game system. However, there are five different generations of the Dualshock 4 controller, each of which has its own unique part numbers. From the first generation up in ascending order to the fifth, the respective part numbers are JDM-001, JDM-011, JDM-020, JDM-030, and JDM-040. To find out which controller motherboard part number you need, disassemble your controller and find the part number of the motherboard already placed there. When you buy a PS4 controller motherboard on eBay, besides the main circuit board itself, you will usually also receive a plastic midframe, two analog sticks, and two vibration motors.

Are there accessories that go with new and used PS4 motherboards?

In addition to the motherboard itself, eBay can sell you certain key components that are attached to the motherboard and that often need replacing themselves. These include the following:

  • Heat shield covers - This protects the motherboard and other parts of the PS4 from overheating.
  • Blu-ray drive power supply cables - These cable feed power to the PS4's Blu-ray drive, which is where its discs are inserted. It's one of the PS4's main arteries and also connects to the motherboard.
  • HDMI port socket interface connectors - HDMI ports enable you to connect your PS4 to your TV via an HDMI cable. If the ports malfunction, eBay can sell you new ones to attach to your motherboard.