Timberwolf Garden Wood Chippers

Everything You Need to Know About Timberwolf Wood Chippers

For over 30 years, Timberwolf has been one of the UKs leading makers of wood chippers and wood shredders. This brand has a reputation for getting the job done right the first time. Timberwolf wood chippers are a great choice for any landscaping company, or anyone who needs to maintain a large estate, and they are available on eBay for various affordable prices.

What versions of wood chippers does Timberwolf make?

Timberwolf makes a range of wood chippers, including:

  • TW 13/75G: The TW 13 Timberwolf chipper is compact. The Honda engine runs on petrol and outputs 13 HP. This chipper is a great choice for DIY projects. It weighs just 188 kg. Buyers can choose from air-filled or solid tyres.
  • TW 230DHB: This wood chipper is road-towable. Its powered by diesel and has an ultra-efficient 5 tonnes per hour capacity. This is a great choice for landscaping professionals who encounter large jobs.
  • PTO/100G: This wood chipper can attach to a lawn tractor or other power source. It can handle branches of up to 4 inches in diameter. Its efficient and can handle 1.5 tonnes of material per hour. This chipper is often used on large estates, by golf courses or councils.
  • TW 150DHB: This is another road-towable option. It features a diesel engine that churns out up to 35HP of power. This model can accommodate materials of up to 6 inches in diameter. It has auto feed control, and the outlet chute swivels.
Which Timberwolf wood chipper is right for your needs?

Each wood chipper is rated by how many tonnes it can process each hour. Professional arborists will need a more efficient machine, one that can get through 2 or more tonnes per hour, than a DIY operator. Timberwolf chippers are also rated by the size of material they can handle. Typically, this is given in inches. So understand the age of the trees and branches you need to handle before making your purchase from the various affordable options that are available to you on eBay.

How do you operate a Timberwolf chipper?

Timberwolf wood chippers should always be operated by someone experienced and confident with landscaping equipment. Before finalizing a purchase, make sure you understand what fuel the chipper takes and how its operated. Some chippers run on petrol or diesel. Others can be used as attachments for garden tractors.

What accessories are available for Timberwolf chippers?

Parts and accessories are also available on eBay. When making your purchase, ensure that the model number for you wood chipper is on the accessory youre purchasing. Logo decals and other branded merchandise are also available.

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