Dell Computer Power Supplies


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Dell Computer Power Supplies

Dell are one of the world's leading producers of personal computing devices from desktop and laptop computers to tablets and hybrid mobile devices. To ensure you get the most out of your Dell laptop or computer , you should consider the range of Dell computer power supplies to find just the right power supply unit.

Power supply units, or PSUs, are available for a broad range of Dell's popular computer models. These include the Dell Optiplex, Inspiron and Vostro, plus laptop models such as the Dell Latitude and even Dell PowerEdge servers.

Dell power supplies for desktops and laptops

A desktop power supply unit (PSU) is a large component that converts the AC current that it draws from the mains socket in your home to a low-voltage DC current that the computer is able to process effectively for its electronic components. As well as converting the current, desktop power supply units also house a fan which helps to keep your computer's components cool so that they can run more easily and to their maximum specifications.

Power supply units for Dell laptops are found in the form of chargers and adapters. These operate at lower power rates, generally between 180w and 250w. Additionally, they usually feature protection from power surges and short-circuiting.

Features of Dell power supply units

A desktop computer typically requires a power supply unit delivering between 300 and 500 watts of power, this will suffice for most scenarios, however if you are using your computer for more resource intensive tasks such as gaming or if you are powering multiple graphics cards you may need a higher wattage, PSU's can be found with power ratings up to 1000watts.

Many Dell power supply units are Restriction of Use of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) compliant. Look out for this compliance label as this ensures the unit doesn't contain any harmful substances such as lead or cadmium.

Dell power supplies typically feature overvoltage protection, which protects your computer's components from receiving voltages in excess of what your computer is able to handle before it damages internal components.

Additionally, Dell power supplies will come with an inbuilt EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) filter filter, which mitigates against conducted interference from external devices.