Craft Cutting Mats

Craft cutting mats

A good quality cutting mat is vital when it comes to scoring or cutting card, paper or other materials without damaging the surface underneath. Non-slip and usually pre-marked with grid lines for extra accuracy, craft cutting mats come in a great range of styles and colours to suit. So no matter what hobby or work project you've got in mind, you're bound to find the craft cutting tools you need on eBay. 


Available in sizes A1 to A5, self-healing cutting mats are perfectly non-slip and designed for the protection of desks and tables. The fact they're self-healing means they won't fall apart even with heavy use, and they're double sided and non-reflective too. 

Perfect for all sorts of art and crafts projects, they've got vertical and horizontally printed guidelines on both sides to keep cutting lines straight. Suitable for use with either craft knives, scissors or scalpels, self-healing mats also help preserve the sharpness of your blades meaning a longer lifespan before sharpening. 

Self-healing cutting mats with angle markings

With identical properties to the self-healing cutting boards described above, trigonometry cutting boards come with extra markings for measuring angles in addition to the usual grid lines. This makes them perfect for architects, graphic designers and those who need something a little more detailed. Strong and heat resistant, you can measure angles from 0 to 180 degrees as well as 1mm to 50mm circles. The self-healing properties of these sewing and cutting mats not only offer reliable protection for your work surfaces but help to prolong your blades too. 

Glass cutting mats

A great alternative to self-healing mats, glass cutting mats are extremely hardwearing and are excellent for cutting, glueing, inking and colouring. Complete with A5 and A6 measuring guides, the tough tempered safety glass means you can easily keep the board clean by simply wiping it down after use. With its modern appearance and non-slip tabs on the base, there's a fantastic range of arts and crafts supplies for you to choose from now.