Battery Testers

Check your power with battery testers

There is nothing worse than your single-use batteries running out on you, and it always seems to happen just when you need them most. Flat batteries can leave you with a long flight or train journey with no entertainment, or even worse, leave you in the dark if your torch lets you down. But changing your batteries for new ones, just in case, is an expensive solution, especially if there is plenty of life left in your current power cells. That's why it makes sense to invest in a battery tester. 

Types of battery testers

Battery testers come in two main types. AA/AAA battery testers have fixed spaces to slot a range of popular sized batteries into, and calliper style coin battery testers with a sliding grip that automatically adapts to the battery size. 

Digital and analogue

The other difference between battery testers is the readout. Some designs will give you a digital readout, while others will feature an analogue gauge with a swinging needle. Digital readouts can be as simple as a bar display showing how full, or empty, your battery is, but more sophisticated battery testers can also give you detailed figures such as the remaining capacity and the voltage of the battery being tested. 

Suitable for all batteries

Battery testers will work with whatever kind of battery you are checking, including lithium, alkaline and zinc batteries. You can also test rechargeable batteries to see if they need to go on charge again before you use them. 

Never be left powerless again

Investing in a battery tester means you will never be left with flat batteries again. Best of all, it will quickly pay for itself because you will never have to replace perfectly good batteries, just to be sure. So don't guess, test, and get the most from every battery you buy.