Vintage/Retro Bedside Tables & Cabinets

Vintage/retro bedside tables and cabinets

Match the antique-chic style of your home with vintage/retro bedside tables and cabinets. These small pieces of furniture are the perfect way to introduce some quirky charm into your home without detracting from the overall style. 

Explore an extensive range of stylish bedside tables and cabinets here on eBay to add a tasteful feel to any room in your home. 

Wooden vintage/retro bedside tables and cabinets

Wooden retro bedside tables are always a good choice. They work with any style of interior and come in a range of finishes, from bright painted colours to an authentic polished wood shine. They can also be easily painted, letting you breathe new life into an otherwise shabby looking unit. 

You'll find pairs of units that can be placed either side of your bed to create a matching style, or you can get yourself a single bedside table if you only have one side available or are going for a mismatched look. 

Reclaimed vintage bedside tables are visually striking pieces of furniture and create a truly rustic feel. These vintage bedside tables are pre-loved and often made with wood previously used in other designs. Leftover paint, scuffs and dents are all part of the second-hand charm of reclaimed wood units. 

Metal vintage/retro bedside tables and cabinets

Or add a truly bold touch to your house with metal retro bedside tables and cabinets. A lot of metal units offer industrial style, perfect for creating a statement piece that contrasts with the rest of your home. 

Something like a set of metal locker cabinets can add a sense of rugged style. If you're after something sleeker, keep an eye out for painted units that match your home. 

More industrial styles stand out in the home like a tall tool chest converted into a bedside table. 

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