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Think you need to go to a restaurant or takeaway to get your favourite fried foods? Well, think again. Satisfy your crunchy, crispy cravings and create your own fried foods from the comfort of your kitchen with a deep fryer. Safe and convenient, electrical fryers will give you perfect fish and chip shop-style chips for your dinners, plus so much more, all while using less electricity than an oven! Many models also come with dishwasher-friendly parts to make cleaning afterwards a doddle. Discover a wide range of fryers, including Tefal fryers, air fryers, and deep fat fryers, right here on eBay and indulge in delicious golden crispiness. 

Deep fat fryer 

Get mouth-watering crispiness at home thanks to a deep-fat fryer. With many models featuring adjustable time and temperature controls as well as fryer baskets, you can make all of your favourite comfort food, from churros to calamari for the perfect Friday night family setup. Oil fryers now include filters to prevent oily cooking odours from filling your home and viewing windows so you can see your food cooking, just as you would in an oven. 

Air fryer 

A healthier way to fry, air fryers use almost little to no oil, meaning you can enjoy the crispy crunch of golden fried foods without any guilt. Quick and efficient, they use hot air to circulate around the fryer, which reduces the fat content in your fried foods. Not only do they not leave you with that fried oil taste when you cook, but they can also be used for various tasks and to make curries, vegetables like potatoes, zucchini and mushrooms, and even pizza! A kitchen essential, this easy multi-functional kitchen appliance is an absolute must-have for every household.