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Bedding Sets & Duvet Covers

Let's be real. We spend almost half our lives sleeping in bed, so it's important to feel comfortable while we're there. You can find the best bedding offers here at eBay because we know that the only thing better than new bedding, is discount bedding. Whether you are after stripes, patterns, floral designs or just something simple, you won't only find affordable bedding sets, but also the best duvet covers in all different shapes, sizes, colours and designs.

Fabrics and thread counts

It's important that you like the feel of your bedding fabric on your skin. When it comes to bed essentials, you can choose the right fabric and thread count suited to your preferences. Some people prefer crisp bedding sets and duvet covers, while others think that the best duvet covers are those that offer the softest bedding experience. Cotton is usually regarded as the highest quality, and generally the higher the thread count, the greater the comfort, durability and feel. Egyptian cotton is very popular, as is Pima cotton from the Americas.

100% cotton will give you a crisp, cool feel, but you'll find that the softest bedding is usually a blend of polyester and cotton, which also tends to be cheaper and highly durable. Introducing a sateen weave to the fabric makes the fabric even softer. In summer, many people prefer bedding sets and duvet covers that are 100% linen, for their superior breathability; however, in wintertime, flannelette sheets can give you a cosy, warm feel.

Patterns and colours

Whatever fabric you prefer, introducing new and stylish duvet covers into your bedroom can transform a tired or bland interior into luxury, and choosing the right colour and pattern is essential. We have a huge choice of unique duvet covers available, including printed duvet sets and bed essentials. Consider your furniture and colour scheme to ensure you get the best bedding offers on the bed essentials best suited to your room.

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