Coffee Grinders

Coffee grinders for the perfect cup of java

You don't need to go to a coffee shop to get a great cup of coffee if you have the right equipment at home. Coffee grinders give you an easy way to create the brew you love in your own kitchen. Makes and models vary in price point and capability, so you'll want to select something that feels right for you. Ultimately, whatever product you choose, you'll be able to get satisfaction from grinding your own coffee beans and having that fresh aroma of coffee in your home. 

Electric coffee grinders

If you want something that takes the legwork out of physically grinding, an electric coffee grinder is ideal. It will simply whizz up your coffee beans at the tap of a button, so you can sit back and wait for a few seconds to get your ground coffee. 

Brands like BODUM, DeLonghi, Tefal and Krups all have electric coffee grinders on the market. Check out capacity and wattage before you buy to make sure your chosen product has the power you need. 

Manual coffee grinders

Manual coffee grinders can be a good alternative to electric grinders. Often, the price point is lower than their electric counterparts, but you can also get some satisfaction from grinding your beans to the consistency you like. 

You can get smaller products that can slot easily into a drawer, great if you have limited counter space. There are also old fashioned style grinders that would act as an interesting design piece in a traditional kitchen. 

Burr coffee grinders

Coffee experts will have an opinion on the best types of coffee grinders, but commonly they use one of two techniques. Either they'll have blades that whip up the beans, or burrs. Burr coffee grinders use two revolving plates to grind the beans a few at a time, giving you a fine powder. 

Top Products in Coffee Grinders

  • VonShef Premium Coffee Grinder 150w Stainless Steel Mill Grind Beans Nuts Spices
  • Fecihor Manual Coffee Grinder, Wooden Bean Spice Vintage Style Mill Drawer
  • Coffee Grinder Solid Beech Wood, 'Professional' Ceramic Burr
  • Vonshef Coffee Bean & Spice Grinder 150W Stainless Steel
  • Quest 34170 Wet and Dry One Touch Grinder Silver
  • Baratza Encore Conical Burr Grinder 230v 110 Watt
  • VonShef Electric Stainless Steel 200W Grinder
  • DeLonghi KG79 Professional Bean Burr Grinder
  • Krups GVX231 Burr Coffee Grinder Black