Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaners


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Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaner for superior cleaning

Dyson Upright vacuum cleaners are ultra-lightweight yet extremely powerful. They have been engineered to clean any floor type and are particularly beneficial for homes with pets. Most Dyson Upright vacuum cleaners are cordless meaning you don't have to worry about the wires getting in your way or having to constantly plug and unplug your vacuum cleaner every time you enter a new room. 

Dyson Ball

The Dyson Ball Upright vacuum cleaner has been built with Ball technology allowing it to twist and turn smoothly around your home. It has a lightweight wand that attaches to specialist tools allowing you to easily clean hard to reach places as well as a slim profile cleaner head attachment for cleaning under low furniture. The Dyson Ball also has a bigger bin letting you clean for longer and which can be emptied at the touch of a button. 

Dyson Light Ball

The Dyson Light Ball vacuum cleaner offers high-performance cleaning across all floor types. It has three modes for different tasks and a strong brush bar for powerful pickup. Weighing just 6.9kg, it can be easily carried upstairs and around the home and features Ball technology making it easy to manoeuvre around furniture. Dyson Light Ball vacuum cleaners are also bagless meaning there's no vacuum bag to replace, you just have the empty the dust and dirt compartment when it's full and simply attach it back on. 

Dyson Cyclone

Designed for homes with hard floors and carpets, the Dyson Cyclone upright vacuum cleaner has a high level of powerful suction. The direct-drive motorhead ensures deep cleaning and has up to 60 minutes of powerful suction. It has been engineered to absorb vibrations for quiet cleaning and has three different power modes so you can select the right level of power when you need it. 

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