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Vacuum Cleaners

A powerful and reliable vacuum cleaner is a must for every home. Choose a great design, and it should last for years, proving itself a worthy investment. Modern vacuum cleaners, such as the Dyson and Shark hoover, have some impressive design features – from bagless cleaning to dual cyclone suction, while some classics like the Henry Hoover continue to be popular thanks to their simple design and powerful suction system. Thanks to today's convenient technology, keeping your home clean and tidy has never been easier. But how do you choose the best vacuum cleaner for you? 

A Variety of Functions

Start by thinking about the functions you need your vacuum to perform. Will you be hoovering animal hair from thick carpets or simply a little dust from wooden floors? Do you want to be able to handle wet cleaning as well as dry? Do you want to be able to move upstairs easily, or will you be cleaning on one level only? Do you want a model with a selection of attachments? From cordless vacuum cleaners and Dyson vacuums with laser technology to fully independent robot hoovers, there's something to suit everyone.

Choose the Right Size for You

The size of your vacuum cleaner can significantly impact how well it suits your needs. If you're looking for the most powerful suction possible and can handle the weight of a large upright model, go for the larger-sized vacuum in the Dyson hoover or Shark vacuum range. However, if you have back problems, a lack of storage or tight spaces like cars to vacuum, you might want to consider choosing a smaller hoover model. 

Handheld vacuum cleaners are the most lightweight and portable choice, ideal for getting into tight corners or transporting to your car. Cordless hoover stick models also tend to be on the lighter side, which can come in very handy when you want to vacuum the stairs. Or go for something in the middle, such as a compact but powerful canister vacuum cleaner that can be stored easily in a small cupboard. Thanks to eBay's wide range of the best cordless vacuums on the market, you're sure to find the perfect model for you. And don't forget the robotic vacuum cleaner – the ultimate model when it comes to ease of use!