Memory Foam Mattress & Toppers

Memory foam mattress toppers for added comfort

There are few things as satisfying as a comfortable bed. And a memory foam mattress topper will make your bed that little bit more comfortable. So whether you're looking to revamp your own bed, or add a little more comfort to the guest room, a mattress topper is a quick way to do that. And with no springs or bulky size, installation is quick and easy. 

Size of mattress topper

Single, double, king and super king size memory mattress toppers are available so whatever your bed size, you can find the right mattress topper on eBay. You could even purchase a topper for every bed in the house. 

Always double check the size of the topper. While the description may match the size of your bed, it's worth checking the measurements also so that it doesn't come up too large or small. Consider the depth of the mattress topper also. A thicker topper will give a comfortable feel. A memory foam topper that's not so thick will allow you to still feel more of the bed underneath. 

Types of memory foam mattress topper

There's an array of standard memory foam mattress toppers to choose from on eBay. If you feel memory foam doesn't work for you, there are a couple of variations that you might want to consider. 

Cool blue memory foam doesn't retain heat as much as other types of memory foam. That means it's a good choice for people who feel warm at night, or even couples sharing a bed and generating twice as much body heat. Reflex memory foam bounces back quicker than regular memory foam. This means that it offers firm support and is a good choice for anyone with back or joint issues. 

Bags and covers

For a mattress topper, you can take with you, choose one that comes with a travel bag. Simply roll the mattress and slip it inside the bag for comfort wherever you sleep. A topper that comes with a cover will protect it and prevent wear and tear.