Microwaves are extremely beneficial for quick cooking and exceptionally fast defrosting times. Many foods can be cooked in the microwave so they can be ready in moments. Using a microwave means that you won't let out heat to the room like an oven would, and they are much easier to clean. Microwaves can make a safe alternative to an oven or be an additional feature so you can enjoy a range of different cooking techniques

Countertop Microwave

One of the most common types of microwave is a countertop microwave. These can be located on any convenient surface as long as they are in the vicinity of a plug socket for power. Countertop microwaves can be moved as necessary and can be manoeuvred so that you can clean around and underneath the microwave.

Built in microwave

Designed for fitted kitchens, when purchasing a built in microwave, it is essential to check the measurements carefully to ensure it fits in your required space. Built in microwaves offer the benefit of being seamless in your kitchen design and not taking up any of your workspaces. Built in microwaves come in a range of different fronts so you can find one that suits your kitchen design.

Combination microwave

Offering the best of both worlds, a combination microwave uses both microwaves and hot air to cook your food. This means food can cook quickly from the microwaves that penetrate the food but the convection air means that it can help to add cooked colour to your meal, such as browning the top of a dish.

Many brands produce microwaves such as Samsung, Russell Hobbs and Sharp. You can find your perfect microwave by choosing your favourite appliance brand or by selecting the level of power you require from your microwave. As with all appliances, the design will play a factor in your decision, but fortunately, you'll be able to find a colour that suits your kitchen décor.

Top Products in Microwaves

  • Russell Hobbs Rhretmm 705C 17L Retro Manual 700w Solo Microwave Cream Energy
  • Morphy Richards Accents Red Countertop Microwave 23L Solo 800W Black 511510
  • Russell Hobbs Rhem 2301B 23L Flatbed Digital 800w Solo Microwave Black
  • Russell Hobbs RHM2563 25L Digital Microwave Stainless Steel 900w Solo
  • Russell Hobbs Rhretmm 705c 17l Retro Manual 700w Solo Microwave Cream
  • Sharp R270WM Touch Control 800W 20L Freestanding Microwave White
  • Panasonic Nnct 57 Jmbpq 3 in 1 Combination Microwave Oven, 1000W
  • Swan Cream Retro Microwave 20 Litre 800 Watt SM22130CN
  • Panasonic Combination Microwave 1000W NN CT56 Black
  • Sharp R28STM Microwave with 23 Litre 800 Watt Silver
  • Sharp R959SLMAA 40L Combination Microwave Silver
  • Russell Hobbs RHMD702R Microwave Oven 700W Red
  • Swan SM22030BN Retro 20L Digital Microwave Black
  • Copper Effect 20L Goodman's Digital Microwave
  • Sharp R372KM 25 Litre Solo Microwave Black
  • Logik L20GS14 20L 800W Solo Microwave Oven
  • Russell Hobbs RHM2064R 20L Microwave Oven
  • Sharp 900W Flatbed Microwave R360KM Black
  • Bosch HMT75M551B 17L Microwave Oven
  • Swan SM22030LN 20L Microwave Oven