Halloween Fancy Dresses & Period Costumes

Embrace the night with Halloween fancy dress and period costumes

Get into the spooky spirit with Halloween fancy dress outfits and period costumes from throughout the ages. If you're looking for a no-fuss solution, a complete Halloween costume will do the trick. You can also find quirky accessories to combine with everyday clothes to make a Halloween costume to remember. 

Whether you want to look super cute or hideously scary, you can find what you're after on eBay. 

Turn heads with Halloween accessories

Get the party started and turn up as a well-loved character that everyone will recognise. Rock up with a brilliant full-face Shrek Halloween mask, or work on perfecting your Darth Vader impersonations from behind the iconic black mask. Grab a white masquerade mask and pull out the paint brushes and glitter, or leave it blank and add to the mystery. 

If you get one crown and one tiara, you've got a recipe for the perfect Halloween couples costume. For a twist, you could add a touch of gory-looking face paint and become a zombie bride and groom, then have fun haunting your wedding guests. 

Period costumes and outfits for the theatre

Actors and actresses of all sizes can find a costume to match their character. Check out costumes for the most classic characters like the maid, poor peasant boy, medieval princess and wartime schoolboy. 

Whether you want to re-live the retro hippie vibes of the 1960s and 1970s or put on your pirate hat, you can find the perfect attire in this great range. 

Characters from the movies

Take a walk down memory lane and rock up as characters from movies that have stood the test of time. Recruit the girls and let a group of the Pink Ladies bring all of the moves from Grease's memorable soundtrack. Turn heads with a Marvel superhero morphsuit crew, or share your passion for Harry Potter and keep your wand at the ready.