Super King Size Bedding Sets & Duvet Covers

Keeping cosy with super king bedding sets and duvet covers

Super king size beds and bedding sets offer the ultimate in space and comfort at bedtime. Super king size beds are perfect for anyone who likes to stretch out in their sleep, and the accompanying super king size bedding ensures that there's no risk of the duvet or sheets not stretching across the bed and causing a chilly night's sleep. 

Cotton bed covers

Egyptian cotton has long been associated with luxury, with high thread count cotton sheets offering a breathable bedding set to ensure that the sleeper is kept cool in the summer and cosy in the winter. 100% cotton super king duvet covers and bedding sets are available in both plain single colour styles and patterned or textured styles. It is also sometimes possible to find matching cotton curtains to go with a bedding set, to complete the look of a bedroom. 

King size bedding sets

Cotton is not the only choice for comfort. Satin or silk bedding sets are ideal for anyone who likes a bit of glamour, especially with diamante or shimmer details. Pin tuck patterns or crushed velvet designs are ideal for introducing a bit of texture into a room, especially when the bedding set includes complementary throw cushions or a bed runner to give the bed that boutique hotel feel. 

Popular duvet cover colours

Neutral greys, whites and tan colour bedding are ideal for calm, timeless bedrooms, whereas bright and bold prints are perfect for a more modern bedroom. A seven-piece bedding set will ensure that all the elements of the bed and room match, so it is easy to find a bedding set to suit the existing decor in the room. Animal print bedding is a wild choice for the more adventurous bedroom decorator, and animal prints aren't restricted to natural colours, they are available in every colour of the rainbow. 

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