Mercedes-Benz Cars

Cruise in Classic Luxury and Style With a Mercedes-Benz

Find the right Mercedes-Benz to fit your needs on eBay cars, where these opulent, yet comfortable, vehicles can be found in many different models at the most affordable prices. Shop, compare, and choose your next luxury vehicle on eBay.

Are the Mercedes for sale new or used?

The Mercedes for sale are previously owned vehicles in a variety of conditions. You can find models that were manufactured in the early 1990s up until 2016 with mileage as low as 65,000 kilometres. Some listings include information about how many previous owners the vehicle has had and MOT expiry. You should also be able to find full or partial service reports to indicate how the vehicle was maintained in the past.

Types of Mercedes for sale on eBay

There is a large selection of Mercedes-Benz models from which to choose. You can find coupes, convertibles, SUVs, and sedans available for purchase. There are Mercedes SLK 230, Mercedes SLK blue cars, and Mercedes CLK for sale, giving you loads of options to choose from. A few of the specific models and their manufacture date include:

  • 1999 Mercedes-Benz CLK320.
  • 2001 Mercedes S600.
  • 2002 Mercedes SLK 230 Kompressor.
  • 2007 Mercedes ML280 CDI SPORT 4X4.
  • 2006 Mercedes-Benz CLK280 Sport, Convertible.
Features of Mercedes-Benz for sale in the UK

Standard safety features on most Mercedes-Benz include all-around airbags, immobiliser, seat belt pretensioners, alarm system, anti-lock brakes (ABS), and electronic stability programme (ESP). Many have climate control, AM/FM radio, power-assisted steering, power locks and windows, and cruise control. Some additional features that are not available on all models include leather interior, heated or cooled seating, navigation system, and sunroofs. The vehicles are available in either diesel or petrol engines and with automatic or manual transmission.

Choosing the right Mercedes-Benz

eBay is the most convenient place to find the right vehicle for your needs. You can quickly and easily shop and compare prices, mileage, and features all in one spot. You do not have to visit multiple car dealerships to find the Mercedes of your dreams. Determine which type of vehicle you are interested in, whether it be a convertible or coupe. Then, decide what features you prefer to have with your vehicle and which ones you can live without. Finally, compare things like accident history, maintenance records, mileage, and overall condition of the vehicles to determine which is right for you.