Lada Cars

New and Classic Lada Cars for Sale

Since the 1970s, Lada cars have been known for their simplicity of design and reliability. In Russia, the United Kingdom, and Europe, Lada cars are deemed successful due to their affordability and ease of maintenance. If you're looking for an inexpensive Lada for sale, eBay offers reasonable prices for new and used Lada cars.

What Lada models are available?

As of 2019, Lada has produced five primary types of vehicles: the Lada Niva, Lada Granta, Lada Largus, Lada Vesta, and Lada XRAY.

  • Lada Niva: Perhaps the most well-known model is the Lada Niva. It is an off-road, compact, jeep-style vehicle designed for rough terrain and rural travel. Sometimes, it is also known as Lada 4x4.
  • Lada Granta: It is a sub-compact car and is offered in three styles: sedan, liftback, and sports.
  • Lada Largus: This is a sub-compact estate model similar to mini SUVs. It is offered as a five-seater or seven-seater model. There is also a commercial model produced that offers mass customisation capabilities.
  • Lada XRAY: The Lada XRAY is a three-door hatchback crossover that is reputed to have a futuristic design concept. It is offered in five-speed manual or five-speed semi-automatic transmission modes.
Earlier models of Lada cars

If you're looking for an inexpensive Lada car, it also makes sense to look for earlier models. Some of the earliest versions include the trademark Lada 1200, 1300, and 1500 four-door estate cars. Some of these cars are still reputed to be in very good shape. The Lada Riva classic is another similar car produced in the '80s, which is available in base, wagon, and deluxe versions. You may also find someone selling these inexpensive Lada for sale in the UK.

For versions produced after 1990, look for the Lada Samara, Lada Samara 2, and Lada Kalina, which are small compact cars. If you're looking for a larger car, then Lada Priora and Lada 110 are practical choices that were produced in the 2000s and '90s, respectively.

What's unique about the Lada XRAY?

Lada XRAY is distinct from other Lada cars, as it is the first compact city crossover produced in the company's history. It is known for its futuristic design that is also visible in the cockpit-style interior. A brainchild of the British designer Steve Mattin, the crossover got a positive reception from highly acclaimed sources.

Offered in three models and seven trim-levels, Lada XRAY offers a leather-coated seating arrangement, futuristic dashboard, and a rich infotainment system. These design features are complemented by a variety of bold colours and exterior features such as edgy styling and long and thin headlights. According to the company's officials, Lada XRAY is designed to put Lada at the forefront of the Russian and European markets.