Subaru Cars

Speed Away From Your Troubles With a Subaru Car

If you need to head for the hills to escape the daily grind, a Subaru can be your best friend. You can find loads of Subarus for sale at affordable prices when you shop on eBay.

Are these Subarus for sale new vehicles?

These are pre-owned vehicles. Most were manufactured between 1995 and 2015, so you can find some great deals on them. Information on service history, MOT expiry, and number of previous owners is included with most listings to give you an idea of how well the vehicle was maintained. You can also scan available pictures for a more detailed look at the overall condition of the vehicle. For the most part, many of these Subarus for sale are in good condition with relatively low mileage.

Types of Subarus

The most common type of Subaru for sale is the Impreza. You can find its top-of-the-line model, the Subaru Impreza WRX STI, available in many listings. This sporty two-, three-, or four-door car comes as a turbo-charged diesel with manual transmission. It can also be found with a regular petrol engine and automatic transmission. It is a versatile vehicle for almost any type of driving including daily commutes and racing. You can also find most Subaru models available in either 2WD or AWD. A few of the other Subaru vehicles for sale include:

  • Subaru BRZ 2.0 LUX
  • Subaru Forester
  • Subaru Outback Estate
  • Subaru Legacy
Features of Subaru

With so many models from which to choose, you can find loads of different features in each Subaru. Standard safety features include seat belts in front and back, all around air bags, anti-lock brakes, and immobilisers. Some interior comfort features include AM/FM radios with CD, leather, heated seats, climate control, cruise control, Bluetooth calling, power locking, and electric seat adjustment. Exterior features include rear spoilers, catalytic convertors, and alloy wheels. Some of the Subaru Imprezas for sale have been modified with upgraded suspension and exhaust systems.

Choosing the right Subaru

Choosing the right Subaru depends on your intended use for the vehicle as well as your personal fancy. If you are looking for a commuter car for work or for a car to take the kids to school, you may enjoy the space of a Subaru Forester. However, if you want a sporty, quick vehicle to dart around town, you will more likely be impressed with the Subaru Impreza. Conveniently, search and compare vehicles from the comfort of your home when you shop on eBay.