Tesla Cars

Tesla Cars: Bringing Next-Gen Tech to Today’s Cars

Tesla Inc. is an American automotive/tech firm that specialises in making electric cars that the average consumer can afford. If you find new Tesla cars outside your budget, check out used Tesla cars for sale on eBay.

Tesla car models available for purchase now

As of 2019, Tesla sells three cars:

  • Model S: First delivered on June 22, 2012, in the States, the car’s right-hand-drive variant came to the UK in 2014. It’s available in two configurations: Long Range and Performance.
  • Model X: A mid-size CUV or crossover SUV, the Model X comes in five-, six-, and seven-passenger configurations. Unlike the S, the Model X’s doors open vertically.
  • Model 3: Tesla’s third-gen car, the Model 3 saw more than 325,000 reservations just a week after its unveiling. It’s available in four trims: Standard Range, Performance, Long Range, and a £35,000 standard range.
What are some attributes unique to Tesla cars?

Tesla masters several technology domains, which includes electric motors, batteries, sensors, and AI.

  • Batteries: Tesla doesn’t use large individual battery cells, but several thousand cylindrical, small lithium-ion cells typically used in consumer tech.
  • Motors: The company makes two types of electric motors: a four-pole, three-phase AC induction motor; and fixed magnet motors.
  • Autopilot: Tesla Autopilot offers semi-autonomous driver assistance, which includes lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, semi-automated steering (Autosteer), emergency braking, perpendicular and parallel parking (Autopark), and an option to recall the car from its parking space (Summon).
  • Glass: Tesla Model 3 cars come with a unique roof glass, which is 33% lighter than regular roof tiles. It also has a solar collector embedded.
How are Tesla cars charged?

Tesla charging allows you to recharge your Tesla car overnight at home, around the city, or at your workplace during the day.

  • Thanks to the Tesla Wall Connector, home charging provides the highest charging speeds. These connectors come with cables that are either 8.5 or 24 feet in length.
  • Destination Charging networks and Superchargers keep you covered when you’re away from home. You can find the nearest Tesla charging stations from within your car, using the Tesla Find Us and navigation map.
  • Tesla’s Destination Charging allows you to charge your vehicle at convenient charging locations, such as parking garages, shopping centres, hotels, and restaurants. There are around 290 Tesla Superchargers and over 550 Destination chargers in the UK.
The resale value of Tesla cars

Generally, in-demand vehicles depreciate little. Since Tesla releases few models, demand remains constant. The Model S’s depreciation is lower compared to other cars in its category.