Hummer Cars

Hummer Cars: Built Like a Tank

Hummer is a line of SUVs with a striking appearance and military-grade strength that comes through both on and off the road. The mud-plugging ability of the vehicle is well-known, leaving behind even the most capable off-roaders. You will find all the major models of Hummers for sale on eBay.

Three major variants of Hummer cars

Hummers were not originally designed for civilians. The thought to sell the vehicle to civilians germinated during the late 1980s when the Humvee, a military truck, caught the people’s attention.

  • Hummer H1: Released in 1992, the original vehicle was designed strictly for military use, and was later released as a civilian version. It was renamed as Hummer H1 in 1999 after the marketing rights to the vehicle changed hands.
  • Hummer H2: Built by AM General between 2002 and 2009, the H2 was the second vehicle to be released in the line. It came in two variants: SUV and SUT (sports utility truck).
  • Hummer H3: Produced by GM between 2005 and 2010, the H3 was the smallest of the three. It used the GMT355 platform, which it shared with the GMC Canyon and Chevrolet Colorado compact pickup trucks.
  • There was also a concept Hummer, called the Hummer HX, developed in 2008. It was a two-door, open-air off-road concept vehicle and was even smaller than the H3.
Unparalleled off-roading capabilities of Hummer cars

Off-roading is the Hummer’s strongest point. It can:

  • Drive through two or more feet of water.
  • Climb up 407 mm steps without breaking a sweat.
  • Haul their significant heft up a 60-degree rise and traverse 40-degree slopes.
  • Run on flat tires for up to 50 km at a speed of 32 kmph.
How was the limousine-type Hummer car made?

The Hummer H2 was quite a popular vehicle and created strong demand among general buyers for an elongated limousine variant. Unlike the H1 and H3, the H2’s frame is unique. The model was cut at its rear to create a section that could accommodate anywhere between 14 to 22 passengers. The demand for the limousine variant was initially in the United States. However, its popularity quickly stretched to other countries, such as the UK and particularly Australia. The H2 is still engineered and altered by private manufacturers across the globe into limousines.

Are Hummer cars available as right-hand drives?

Original Hummers were left-hand drives only, since they were made in the United States. However, due to the vehicle’s popularity growing outside its home market, right-hand versions were made for export to the United Kingdom, Australia, and other relevant markets. The right-hand-drive H3s were officially imported to the UK in 2007 after being type-approved.