Bandanas for Men

Explore a Wide Selection of Interesting Bandanas for Men

A bandana can be both a head or face covering and a statement about who you are and what is important to you. If you're hoping to update your look and show off your personal sense of style, you can check out some affordable bandanas for men on eBay. Getting to know a bit about the common patterns or materials you can choose from will help you find the men's bandanas that speak to you.

Types of men's bandanas you can get

There are a couple of main kinds of men's wraps for the head that you can get at reasonable prices on eBay. Both types come in various colours, patterns, or sizes that you might want. See the manufacturer for details on sizing. Each type of bandana for men that you find also provides some coverage, but the different kinds achieve this coverage in a couple of ways:

  • Standard - The standard wrap for men is a simple cloth covering that you can tie around your neck or head. Some of these bandanas may be reversible and show different patterns on each side.
  • Mask - Although you can put a traditional men's bandana around your face, the mask version is designed to fit more snugly over your nose and mouth. A face mask covering can come in patterns such as skeletons, aliens, or animals.
Can you get men's bandanas tied in various ways?

Yes, some bandanas for men are tied in specific ways for different purposes. You can browse through the new and secondhand bandana options on eBay to find items that are tied in the ways you prefer. Face masks do not need to be tied, but you can purchase a cloth wrap that has a knot in the back with some extra material hanging off the main portion like a tail. This kind of bandana represents a common rag cap design that you can wear with various outfits.

Choosing materials for your head wrapping

Different materials for men's bandanas may have various patterns or textures that you like. Some materials are blended, and you can choose the kind of bandana that has the soft or rough feel you are looking for. Face masks or caps may have soft cotton fabric over a hard-inner shell for a snug fit that maintains its shape. You can also get simple pieces of silk or polyester in solid colours, stripes, geometric shapes, character designs, and other patterns. These wraps can be tied into shapes that fit your needs.